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Save the Canadian Magen David Adom!


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Dear friends,
    A petition recently came to my attention, and probably many of you are also
aware of the issue - the Canadian government has recently shut down the
(charitable status of the) Canadian Magen David Adom. The Canadian
government once again is displaying its blatant and downright obscene anti-semitism. It's
already so disguisting how our government continues to fully support groups
like the UNRWA, and let refugee camps remain safe and thriving breeding
places for terrorism - not to mention paying for flagrantly anti-semitic textbooks for the palestinians.
    One of the reasons it was shut down is because the CCRA (Canada
Customs and Revenue Agency) finds it offensive that Israeli ambulance workers wear bullet-proof vests when heading to a terrorist bomb site. The thought that a person wants to protect himself - what an odd idea!  They have more ridiculous reasons - for more details, see the following article: . There is a
petition being circulated to save the CMDA - please sign it at .

If you Have Any More Info about this..E-mail me: LANDOFTHEJEWS@YAHOO.COM