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Anti Semetic Incidents in Montreal and in Ontario


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Below is a list of Anti Semitic incidents that have happened right here in Montreal and in Otario if you have any more info concerning below or would like to add , E-mail me. 

The breakdown between Ontario and Quebec is as follows with regards to types of incidents:

(Total No.)
HARASSMENT % of Total VANDALISM % of Total VIOLENCE % of Total
ONTARIO 123 83 68% 36 29% 4 3%
QUEBEC 50 21 42% 24 48% 5 10%

In Winnipeg, out of the 14 reported incidents, 10 were harassment, 2 were vandalism and 2 involved violence. It should be noted that in all of 2001 there were a total of six antisemitic incidents reported to the League in Winnipeg, none involving violence. This represents an increase of 133% of reported incidents in just the first six months of 2002.

Examples of Incidents


Montreal: Two jeeps with Arab-speaking youths armed with bats surrounded a car filled with Jewish youngsters who were threatened with bats.

Toronto: Material sent out by a Jewish organization was returned, defaced with swastikas.

Regina: Antisemitic flyers were distributed to private homes.


Toronto: A synagogue was defaced with a Star of David with the word devil marked on it.

Montreal: A theatre running a movie with Jewish content was firebombed.


Toronto: A physician who found himself in the midst of a downtown demonstration by pro-Palestinian protesters, was called a Jewish murderer, pushed to the ground and physically assaulted.

Montreal: A Jewish student was choked in front of a Hillel information table at Concordia University, while the perpetrator called out, F**k you, you Jewish bastards.

Montreal: A synagogue was defaced with anti-Jewish graffiti.

Winnipeg: An orthodox man dressed in traditionally conservative attire was physically accosted by a group of girls from a high school directly across the street from his synagogue.

Montreal: Two visibly identifiable Jews, accompanied by their young children, were accosted by eight Arab-speaking men who threatened them and made anti-Jewish comments.


Saskatoon: A synagogue was firebombed.

Grand Prairie: A clergyman addressing his congregants disseminated the myth that no Jews were killed in the bombing of the World Trade Centre because they had prior knowledge of what was to happen and therefore stayed home.

Toronto: Hate messages were sent to the Jewish communitys Tele-Aid distress line, including comments such as, Death to all you Jewish a**holes. Go back to where you came from

Montreal: Employees of a Jewish organization received threatening phone calls with such comments as, You guys are murderers. You deserve everything you get.

Toronto: Intruders entered an apartment building at night, daubing swastikas on doors, and damaging mezuzahs, the traditional religious symbolic scrolls commonly found affixed to the doors of Jewish homes.

London: A Jewish cemetery was vandalized and headstones overturned.

Montreal: 15 participants in a soccer game were overheard shouting Death to Jews in Arabic and French throughout the match. When the game ended, several Arab-speaking youths jumped the fence and assaulted a group of Jewish students, threatening them with knives.

Toronto: A man received a postcard in the mail calling for Death to the Jews, and threatening him and his family specifically, after he expressed his opinion on CBC radio that Israel has a right to defend itself.

Montreal: A visibly identifiable Jew was refused service at a national chain hardware store in West Island. When the attendant finally arrived and was asked a reason for the delay, he responded with anti-Jewish slurs.

Calgary: A Rabbi received death threats by phone.

Toronto: A hate propaganda mailing alleging that non-Jews are unwittingly forced to pay a hidden tax so that Jews can have kosher products was surreptitiously inserted in a local newspaper prior to delivery to area residents. This Kosher Food Tax canard has re-appeared with increasing frequency in recent months and is currently posted on several far Right and far Left websites.

Montreal: At some time between the time of posting and the time of delivery, letters sent by a synagogue to its board members were marked with a Jewish Star, an equal sign (=) and a swastika. An investigation has been initiated by Canada Post at the request of Bnai Brith Canada.


Montreal: A visibly identifiable 12-year-old boy was harassed on a public transit bus in Ville St. Laurent and death threats were made.

Toronto: A pharmacy assistant at a national chain drug store in an area with a significant Jewish population gave a Heil Hitler salute to a Jewish customer in front of other shoppers.

Quebec City: A pipe bomb was thrown at the citys only synagogue.

Ottawa: The police issued an alert to the citys Jewish community of an unspecified threat against its synagogues or institutions, based on intelligence that the community was to be targeted during the month of June.

Calgary: Shouts of Death to the Jews were heard at a pro-Palestinian demonstration.

Mississauga: A female high school student had to be escorted to and from classes after being harassed in the schoolyard by Arab-speaking students and subjected to antisemitic remarks and threats of violence.

Cochrane: A memorial to Raoul Wallenberg was vandalized with antisemitic graffiti.


Toronto: The Bnai Brith Canada national office, along with several other Jewish organizational targets, received hate mail that included specific threats of violence. Some of these letters included white powder in an apparent intimidation campaign reminiscent of the rash of such hoaxes in the Fall of 2001. One of the targeted locales was the Anshei Minsk Synagogue in the downtown area, the target of suspected arson in April 2002. The letter threatened: We reserve a singular hatred for the Jew we will soon be in a position to crush you not just in Israel but worldwide We outnumber you in every place in which you once felt safe

Toronto: There was a bomb threat against a Jewish community center complex that houses a school and nursery, as well as the offices of several community organizations.

Ottawa: Cars were vandalized in a synagogue parking lot.

Scarborough: As part of a course on world religions, a high school Religious Studies teacher told his students that the Jews killed Jesus.

Toronto: Cars were vandalized in a condominium building with a large number of Jewish residents, and antisemitic graffiti and swastikas defaced walls throughout the building.

Guelph: Neo-Nazi related material posted on a website was investigated by police.


Source : Bnai Brith Canada