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What YOU Can do to help Israel


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Their are many things one can do to help Israel and show support.....

I urge you to attend the weekly pro Israel rally at the corner of peel and Rene Leveque from noon-1pm every Friday.

I urge you to buy Israeli products be it on the Internet or elsewhere!

I urge you to learn, learn and learn about Israels and the middle easts history and to be able to defend your land be it on campus or elsewhere.

I urge you to write letters to newspapers...theirs too many letters being written by those who are against Israel. Its time to fight back!

I urge you to teach others about the Middle East be it a Jew of non-Jew, and show those who do not know the reality and are blinded by the media. 

I urge you to not stay silent while our brothers are being slaughtered. Stand tall for Israel.

I urge you to bless Israel...for those who bless Israel will be blessed and those who curse Israel will be cursed.

The Editor


Want To Help Israel?