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What do the Palestinians really WANT!!


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What They Really Want is...


During the Friday sermon broadcasted live on June 6, 2001 on PA TV, from the Sheik 'Ijlin Mosque in Gaza, PA employee, Sheik Muhammad Ibrahim Al-Madhi, called for Jihad education and for turning Jews and Christians into Ahl-Dhimma [protected second rate citizens] under Muslim rule. Following are excerpts from the sermon:


"The Palestinian people has decided that this blessed Intifada would continue. We sacrifice as many prisoners, martyrs, and wounded as we can; we will continue the Intifada until the land of Palestine is liberated. We will not be satisfied with the mere establishment of a Palestinian state; the Muslim people of Palestine want to meet Allah and we are the soldiers of the Caliphate, that was announced by the Prophet [Muhammad]... Therefore, the Caliphate will be in accordance with the prophecy, in Al-Aqsa, in Jerusalem, and in its surroundings..."

In March 1977, Zahir Muhsein, an executive member of the Palestinian
Liberation Organization (PLO), said in an interview to the Dutch 
Newspaper Trouw: "The 'Palestinian people' does not exist. 
The creation of a Palestinian state is only a means for 
Continuing our struggle against The State of Israel."
Dr. Harry Mandelbaum, May 2002

 If Israel's policies make life so intolerable for Arabs, why do they continue to flock to the Jewish state? Why aren't they leaving in droves if conditions are as bad as they say?

The truth? There is more freedom under Israeli rule than there is in any Arab country. If you're a headstrong Arab, bent on protest, this is the place to be. Don't try throwing stones at Syrian police. You won't live long. Don't try publishing anti-kingdom newspapers in Saudi Arabia. You won't live long. Don't try fomenting revolutionary jihadism in Egypt. You won't live long.

Joseph Farah's nationally syndicated column originates at WorldNetDaily, where he serves as editor and chief executive officer. If you would like to see the column in your local newspaper, contact your local editor. Tell your paper the column is available through Creators Syndicate.



Talk about a homeland for the Palestinians always centers around Israel. Why Israel? There never was a Palestinian state within Israel, not when it belonged to the Turks, not when it belonged to the Europeans, and not even when it belonged to the Arabs. Why all of a sudden now? Because it's in the hands of Israel, and the Jews turned it from a swamp into an oasis? Talk about a capital for this Palestinian state always centers around Jerusalem. Why Jerusalem? Jerusalem was never the capital of any nation except Israel, from the days of King David. But it keeps being said the Palestinians want Jerusalem for their capital. On what basis? They want even more, according to a recent survey. Seventy percent of the Arabs polled want all of Israel. They want it all to themselves, cleansed of Jews. Seventy percent.



Jack Engelhard is the author of the international bestseller Indecent Proposal, a former radio and newspaper editor covering the Mideast and a former American volunteer in the Israeli Defense Forces. His columns can be read online at He can be reached at



To believe Palestinian spokesmen, the violence was caused by the desecration of a Muslim holy place Haram al-Sharif (the Temple Mount) by Likud leader Ariel Sharon and the "thousands of Israeli soldiers" who accompanied him. The violence was carried out through unprovoked attacks by Israeli forces, which invaded Palestinian-controlled territories and "massacred" defenseless Palestinian civilians, who merely threw stones in self-defense. The only way to stop the violence, then, was for Israel to cease fire and remove its troops from the Palestinian areas.

The truth is dramatically different.

Imad Faluji, the Palestinian Authority Communications Minister, admitted months after Sharon's visit that the violence had been planned in July, far in advance of Sharon's "provocation." "It [the uprising] had been planned since Chairman Arafat's return from Camp David, when he turned the tables on the former U.S. president and rejected the American conditions."


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