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!Schneur's Take On Jewish And Israeli Events!


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Schneur's Take On Jewish And Israeli Events Around The World


          I would like to start off by saying that Ilan Ramon may he rest in peace. This man was an extraordinary person who he did everything he could do to serve the Jewish state and to represent the Diaspora Jews as well. From having a prestigious military career in the Israeli Air Force and taking part in the bombing of the Iraqi nuclear plant to taking off from Columbia as the first ever Israeli astronaut. To the main events in Israel, the results of The Israeli elections have revealed what we already foresaw. Likud gained a much bigger majority than the labour who kept its position as the second biggest part in the Knesset, followed by the Shinui who had a remarkable 17 seats. I agree with Shinui's points that the Hareidi community should serve in the army but I find that the party is anti-religious and is not good for the Israeli people. Shinui which Hebrew means change is going about this the wrong way. Yes there needs to change in the country, I just don't feel that attacking the religious is the right thing, its just dividing the country even more and that is, something that Israel does not need in this time.

         The Israeli elections also revealed another thing. That any party no matter what they represent can gain seats in the Knesset thanks to the lefty liberal Supreme Court of Israel. The Supreme Court or what I refer to as the Lefty Court in session has allowed two Arab MK's to be represented in the Knesset even though their platform is on the destruction of Israel and the Jewish state. I think it is shameful what the Supreme Court has done in a time when we are fighting terrorism daily in the West Bank, Gaza, and in Israel. Instead of whipping away of the hate of Israel from the Arab mind it has just rejuvenated it by making it acceptable to speak out against Israel in a very dangerous manner. The Lefty supreme Court had done it again against the army's decision to make the path to the Tomb of The Patriarchs wider by clearing some homes from which Palestinians fire at Israelis. Apparently the Supreme Court of Israel is more interested in the well-being of Palestinians than of Israelis. Why is the Supreme Court of Israel going against the opinion of the Israeli army, whose job it is to protect Israelis boggles the mind. Just last week Belgium's court in the Hague wants to charge Ariel Sharon for war crimes in his role in Sahbrah and Shiteila massacres in Lebanon, in where Christian Militants massacred the Palestinian populations there. This is ridiculous since Sharon's Israeli forces did not commit this horrendous act. I ask the International Court in the Hague, how come you want to charge Ariel Sharon?. I mean why havent you charged Yasser Arafat, Saddam Hussein, or Mugabee for crimes against humanity?

        Last but not least I found it funny that a religious rabbi who is very left-wing when it comes to Israel was not allowed to speak at an anti-war speech against Iraq in San Francisco this past weekend. The very people who he had admired did not even let him speak. What he has to realize that these anti-war speeches or anti-American and anti-Israel and are directed against Jews as well. How ridiculous and naive were you Rabbi to think of these lefties as just anti-American, and anti-Israel without seeing them as Anti-Semitic as well.

"Schneur" is the pen name of the writer of this weekly column and wishes to stay anonymous.